Game Launcher

When you don't want to give admin privileges to users

How it works

Many administrators have problems with computer games. They often require administrator privileges, but common users given those privileges, will destroy the workstation configuration very quickly (malware, spyware, viruses, or even unbootable workstations because of missing essential files). A possible solution is to run a limited set of selected games under an administrator account. There's a built-in tool, called runas, which can run a particular application under the administrator account. However, using this tool in practice is not very handy, as it requires account name and password every time when a game is launched.

The Game Launcher

Game Launcher menu

The Game Launcher runs as an interactive system service, which allows it to run a selected set of applications under the administrator account. All you need is to click on the systray icon and choose one application from the menu.

The application automatically self-configures after running. It is necessary to enter the administrator name and password. The set of application in the Game Launcher's menu needs to be configured by editing the INI file. This file must stay in the same directory like GameLauncher.exe

For keeping the workstation secure, it's necessary to meet a few requirements when using Game Launcher: