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MPQ Editor v (English, 32+64-bit)

MPQ Editor v (Chinese, 32+64-bit)

MPQ Editor v (Russian, 32+64-bit)

MPQ Editor v (Polish, 32+64-bit)

Editor of MPQ archives in the Windows Explorer style. Can execute files directly from archive, extract files, rename them, delete, create archives, including file compression. Supports MPQs from Diablo I to Diablo III.
Works in Windows NT 4.0 or newer, ReactOS 0.3.14 or newer, Wine 1.3.28 or newer (tested in Kubuntu 11.10).

New features in this version:

See the "History.txt" file for the list of changes

MPQ Editor v with Name Breaker (English, 32+64-bit, not maintained)

Older version of MPQ Editor that still contains Name Breaker. This build is obsolete and not maintained anymore.

StormLib v 9.20 (GitHub Repository)

Full sources of the StormLib library, containing APIs for handling MPQ archives. Works on Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

New features in this version:

MPQ Plugin for Total Commander v (32+64-bit, english, 710 KB)

Archive plugin for Total Commander. Allows you to create, list, extract and change files within MPQ archives. A listfile usable to load MPQs is included.

Listfiles for MPQ Archives (7.92 MB)

Listfiles for MPQ archives. They are necessary for opening older MPQ archives using MPQ viewers and editors.